No matter if you are an athletes or a recreational sports enthusiasts you will need to turn to sports medicine to prevent and recover from injuries, boost performance, and maintain peak shape at some point in your life. No matter your age, sport, and activity level, sport medicine experts can help you stay on top of your game.Our sports medicine specialists at Peak Wellness can help you achieve your performance goals through many different avenues. By conducting a comprehensive sports evaluation you will be provided guidance for developing an individualized plan that will meet your needs and help you improve your game.Sports medicine involves not only treating and preventing sports-related injuries, but it also includes performance training and nutrition counseling. A sports medicine specialist, like our staff at Peak Wellness, can help to identify any areas of imbalance, or weakness that is relevant to your sport and sports performance. Addressing these areas will not only enhance your performance, but will also enable you to perform at your full potential.

Specialized care

Our team is specially trained to care for athletes and other active individuals. We know that serious athletes aren’t the only people who benefit from sports medicine. Anyone that is leading an active lifestyle and engaging in physical activities can improve their performance and stay healthy through the use of sports medicine.

Our team also provides specialized care through customized plans designed for your specific sport or activity and your body. For example, sports medicine for someone who plays football may involve a focus on avoiding concussions and reducing the risk of repetitive motion injuries, as well as identifying areas in which to improve your performance.

Enhanced athletic performance

Sports medicine professionals at Peak Wellness can play a key role in developing customized training programs. These will be specifically designed around the athlete’s needs and their areas of weakness and strengths. Our team has the knowledge and tools needed to create a regimen and recommendations geared toward performance improvement.

There are some factors that can prevent you from performing at your full potential like overtraining, poor nutrition, improper training technique, and not properly warming up or cooling down. There is also the risk that previous injuries may not have healed properly, or you may be at a higher risk of injury. Our team can identify these deficiencies, and provide you with recommendations, as well as help to strengthen your joints and muscles allowing you to perform at your best.

Injury and Re-injury prevention

At the cornerstone of performance enhancement is injury prevention. You aren’t able to perform to your full potential if you’re training in a way that increases the risk of injury or are already injured but haven’t sought out treatment. Our team has an in-depth understanding of how athletes use their bodies during practice and in play. We then use this knowledge to help you perform at your peak while also lowering your chances of getting hurt or re-injuring yourself. Additionally, we can assist you in post injury rehabilitation to help you determine if you’re ready to return to play.

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