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Traditional allopathic medicine means medical care from a real, licensed medical professional. There is no escaping the fundamental necessity of mainstream medical care and the lifesaving benefits modern medicine has brought to all our lives. You must have a true traditional medical physician on your side at all times. The key is to have a qualified professional that is both skilled in medicine and knowledgeable, but also open to all effective methods and means outside their classical disease-based training, especially when mainstream medicine isn’t the answer. But never should you stray too far from the essential base of the traditional medical approach.


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The functional medicine approach involves a thorough evaluation to determine the source and reason why an illness occurs in order for health to be restored. Functional medicine also takes into account a broader sampling of input, including a patient’s genetic profile, nutritional biochemistry, and lifestyle factors. What results is an intensely personalized treatment plan that addresses root cause, and not just your symptoms. Detoxification protocols and cleanses are an effective centerpiece of functional medicine. Rounding out the approach, prescribed combinations of specific diet changes, vitamins, herbal remedies, botanical medicines, and other methods are then implemented to bring about a positive and lasting outcome.


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Peak Wellness is perhaps best known for our excellence in physical medicine. Open to everyone who has an injury, or any manner of physicality they wish to improve, we fix bodies. In addition to our prowess in injury rehabilitation, we provide advanced performance evaluation and sport-specific guidance for the very best competitive results. Our celebrated and well recognized athletes literally span every major sport.


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The Aesthetic Medicine Division at Peak Wellness offers our clientele a variety of approved and minimally invasive procedures designed to restore and enhance your appearance. Our highly experienced and licensed healthcare practitioners perform these carefully selected and thoroughly vetted techniques, to give you the very best results.


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I.V.’s aren’t just for hospital patients any more. What started filtering out into the mainstream as a performance edge, replenishing high-level long-distance marathon runners and Ironman athletes on the sunny west coast, has literally taken off nationwide from there. Reflecting precisely as we know in the hospital setting, while the daily oral route for routine vitamins is still best for steady state levels, there’s so much more you can do.



The restoration of health from illness and the repairing of injuries. We also strive to optimize wellbeing and maximize functionality so our patients fully enjoy the celebration that is life.

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