Peak Wellness services an exclusive clientele with contemporary healthcare in a private setting with
an intensely personalized approach.

Peak Wellness of Greenwich, CT

195 Field Point Rd
Greenwich, CT 06830

Peak Wellness of Greenwich offers traditional medical care along with advanced diagnostics, functional medicine, naturopathy, physical medicine, anti-aging, and aesthetics. Peak Wellness of Greenwich is a true integrative institute that will put you in your comfort zone knowing that all the services we offer are held to the standard of traditional medicine. The qualified staff of licensed professionals includes medical physicians and naturopathic doctors, functional medicine specialists, physical therapists and performance professionals, dieticians, and nutritional experts, and wellness P.A.’s and nursing specialists working together for you. Our approach is to do whatever is in our power and use every traditional and/or complimentary method at our disposal to help you. Our approach to your health is clear from beginning to end, and comprehensive throughout.

Peak Wellness of Greenwich offers an extensive physical medicine and sports performance department. When it comes to musculoskeletal injuries, we not only rehabilitate and heal your injuries, but, unlike other centers, we take you well beyond just returning you the same state you were before the injury. Rather, we set forth and implement a clear plan whereby we go beyond and actually strengthen and improve your body, drastically reducing the probability of re-injuring the area and vastly increase the quality of your physical performance.

Peak Wellness of Beverly Hills, CA

144 S Beverly Drive Suite 400
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The approach at Peak Wellness of Beverly Hills focuses on physical medicine and injury rehabilitation to treat injuries and fix musculoskeletal ailments. The qualified staff of licensed professionals includes chiropractic doctors as well as physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers working side-by-side to help you realize your goals. Nutritional guidance is also offered.

With an intensified emphasis on proper alignment, the position of boney structures, and the health of the supporting muscles and soft tissues, our practitioners regularly achieve an unparalleled level of success and patient satisfaction. Professional sports teams, Olympic and professional athletes, Hollywood actors and actresses, talk show hosts, and entertainers know where to go. We have a unique and very thorough approach to care for our patients, and we do it with breathtaking results