Nutrition & Meal Planning

Many of us face nutritional challenges. Conditions like irritable bowel, chronic constipation, leaky gut, short bowel, abdominal gas and bloating, and a plethora of others plague the human condition. Taking in too much of the wrong foods or too little of the right ones will have disastrous results, especially over time. Getting the right amount of food as well as choosing from the right selections is paramount. In addition to these, body types, varying physical and lifestyle demands, and factoring in an individuals specific goals are all important considerations when establishing meal planning. Like a fingerprint, each individual will respond to carefully chosen food selections and proper meal cadence the cadence throughout day in their own unique way. If needed, our advanced testing identifies specific nutrient deficiencies to more precisely identify the proper way to help correct these issues. Customized meal planning by a qualified professional takes all these factors into consideration and gives you the precision you need to eliminate symptoms while improving quality of life.nutrition counseling greenwich ct, nutrition physician near me, nutrition physician Greenwich CT