We cannot always predict how the body will react to a given food. Most of the time, food is well accepted. But in certain situations, the body will react to the food almost as if it were an infection, an invading foreign body, or something that needs to be fought off. Allergies or intolerances of this nature can clinically manifest as being absolutely benign and not even noticed, all the way to a possible fatal complication. Since an actual allergic reaction to a particular food is usually life-long and potentially serious it must be properly identified. Similarly, food intolerances are also often overlooked. Though almost never as deadly as the more serious food allergies, food intolerances can be just as debilitating. You might not even realize that you are suffering from a food allergy or food intolerance, and that is what is at the source of your symptoms. Properly testing is literally the only correct way to confirm the diagnosis. Once Dr. Gengo identifies the culprit(s) with advanced testing, a simple elimination diet can be fully corrective and is often only temporary before that same food can be re-introduced. Dr. Gengo routinely manages single and even multiple food allergies and sensitivities.