Acupuncture & Dry Needling

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Acupuncture—Unlike western medicine, which separates the nerve system by dermatomes, acupuncture utilizes meridians to map basic physiology. Fine needles are used to tap into areas to release and redirect energy. Acupuncture has been in existence for literally thousands of years and though not well globally accepted by traditional western physicians, there is research to support the safety and efficacy of the method. Acupuncture can be utilized successfully in specific situations to relieve pain, support healing, and enhance functionality.

Dry Needling—Like acupuncture, dry needling involves the insertion of a fine needle through the skin and into the underlying soft tissues. Unlike acupuncture, dry needling is not restricted to the traditional Chinese meridians and instead aims at hitting trigger points. It is a comparatively modern technique used specifically to ease muscular pain by way of “intramuscular stimulation”. Areas of muscle that are spastic or cramping can be effectively relieved and relaxed.acupuncture therapy greenwich ct, acupuncture treatment greenwich ct, chiropractor clinics greenwich ct, acupuncture treatment greenwich ct, acupuncture therapy greenwich ct