Sports MedICINE

We carefully analyze, test, assess, and ascertain what we’re dealing with first, and then implement a structured multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the very best results. Setting us apart from other centers are the decades of experience caring for high-level athletes. Our pedigree gives us the metal to forge the delicate link between dysfunctions or perceived limitations, and true maximum physical performance.

This program is open to competitors of all ages, from grade-school and high school, to college, the NCAA, and D1, right up to professional athletes and world champions. Peak Wellness personnel has extensive familiarity with all levels of competition. From a simple medical clearance for an aging retiree to participate in a club run, to managing exercise-induced asthma in an Olympic champion swimmer, to helping MMA champions safely make weight, to fine-tuning the physical performance of numerous Ironman athletes, Peak Wellness has been there. In the corner of world champions for their UFC fights, in the USTA box of champions for their tennis grand slams, being right there on the sidelines helping our NBA champions, in the locker rooms of our MLB champions, or wherever we’re needed, Peak Wellness really does handle the very best of the best, across all major sports. When you feel it’s time, we’re here waiting for you, and ready! best sports injury doctor near me, best sports foot doctor near me, best sports knee doctor near me, sports doctor greenwich ct, sports medicine clinic greenwich ct, sports medicine specialist greenwich ct