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Peak Wellness

For a peak sense of wellness, our blend of key nutrients for a health and energy boost, leaves you ready to conquer the busiest of lifestyles.

Peak Immunity

To prime immunity during cold and flu season or travel, get a powerful blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium.

Peak Detox

Restoring your body to a natural state of balance and helping you to achieve your desired results, Peak Detox has specific nutrients to flush out toxins, support your desired weight, and reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level.

Peak Recovery

Overworked, stressed, jet lagged, or simply playing a bit too hard, Peak Recovery is a potent amino acid blend designed for a quick comeback, leaving you refreshed and on top of your game.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance delivers HIGH dose Vitamin C, energy producing B vitamins, and vital nutrients, giving you that edge to perform at optimal levels. Peak Performance is great when combined with tough workouts.

Peak Headache Ease

Delivered in a quiet, private room, with low ambient light, and soft spa music, Peak Headache Ease, delivers a potent magnesium-based blend of essential electrolytes and hydration, along with an anti-nausea and pain-reducing boost.

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 Need a boost? Select from our menu of IV boosts to enhance your infusion experience…

IV Boosts

Antioxidant Boost

Glutathione is the master antioxidant, detoxifying the body and maintaining vital cellular health. Available in lower and higher concentrations.

Radiant Boost

Look your very best! Biotin, a potent B-vitamin, supports healthy hair, smooth skin, and strong nails.

Metabolism Boost

Jump start weight loss with Lipo-MIC, a lipotropic compound to help breakdown of fat and target metabolism.

Iron Boost

Intravenous iron infusion energizer boost for those with low or borderline iron levels, lagging performance, fatigue, post menses revitalization, etc.

Hydration Boost

Feeling dehydrated? Revive your cells and fully restore fluid deficits with extra hydration and essential electrolytes.

Anti-Nausea Boost

Rapid anti-nausea relief. For a quicker turnaround, combine with IV hydration.

30 Minute Quick Drips 

Quick Glow

This 30 minute IV delivers a potent blend of vitamins and Glutathione that helps you look your best! Available in lower and higher concentrations.

Quick Slim

This 30 minute IV delivers Lipo-MIC, a lipotropic blend of micronutrients and vitamins, to boost your metabolism and increase energy.


This 30 minute IV delivers B vitamins and magnesium in our powerful custom headache formula


Vitamin D3

Crucial for wellness and immunity, especially during winter months, D3 is a key part of countless pathways in the body including mood, bone strength, and hormone health. Increases levels of “the sunshine vitamin” for up to one month.

Vitamin B12

Methylcobalamin, the most absorbable B12, aids metabolism and energy, increasing B12 up to one month.

Don’t see something? Just ask us. Custom IV’s are available upon request.

For relaxing downtime, make appointments individually or, if you like, schedule with a friend. Prefer privacy? Upgrade to our private IV suite.

Prefer privacy? Upgrade to our private IV suite.