Sadly there are any people that have to deal with immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue and pain and are forced to go from doctor to doctor without ever getting answers on what is wrong with them. Many people end up suffering from nutrient deficiencies and other imbalances and this can be helped with IV therapy. IV therapy is a treatment that is a unique and powerful option. It can be very useful for certain conditions as it achieves better and faster results.

Whether you are wanting to improve your overall health, treat specific medical conditions, enhance your energy, or maintain optimal health and work on preventing future conditions, having IV vitamin therapy can replenish the nutrients that your body needs for optimal health.

1. Customized, potent treatments for many conditions

When you are choosing a Naturopathic doctors who provides IV therapy, you are not only choosing a highly trained and board certified doctor, but someone who is trying to identify medical conditions and prescribe appropriate IV therapies. They want to address the nutritional deficiencies and treatment goals of each patient.

2. It’s fast and effective

Typically when you’re taking medications, including vitamin supplements, they are taken orally. This means that they pass through your digestive system. This can be a very slow process and is entirely contingent on the person having optimal digestion. Unfortunately having optimal digestion is very rare nowadays. This can actually limit the impact and access of the nutrients getting into your body. However with IV therapy, we know these vitamins are being completely absorbed into your cells in order for your body to benefit from them immediately.

With IV therapy you are able to feel the positive effects of this treatment almost instantly. Within a several hours to a day, you will be able to feel the effects of the IV nutrients. This can lead to more energy, thinking more clearly, and having an improved mood.

3. Pill Load Reduction

Having customized IV therapy will allow you to cut back on supplements. This will not only reduce the cost over time but it is also less of a hassle.

4. Safety

Naturopathic doctors that administer IV Therapy actually have an entirely separate and additional license to do so. In order to maintain this license these doctors must regularly engage in continuing education.

It is extremely rare to have any, even minor adverse reactions or event occur with IV therapy. However, you will still want to have a full discussion about what you should expect and the safety measures for the clinic with your doctor.

5. Ideal Preventative Therapy

Unfortunately modern medicine is mostly about reacting to a disease instead of the prevention of it. While this is a sad truth that doesn’t mean you still cant prevent disease, thankfully we have naturopathic medicine!!

Fortunately IV therapy is different. When your body receives the proper amounts of nutrients, then this will help treat disease. It does this by helping the body do what it is designed to do- attain homeostasis. Additionally we know that higher doses of certain vitamins and minerals can have a healing effect in certain situations.

Therapeutic doses of vitamin C have been shown to be toxic to cancer cells. They are also well-known for their effectiveness in building immunity and at higher doses can act as an anti-viral.


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