No matter which sport you play, competition or race you participate in, every season will eventually come to an end. This time between competitive play is referred to as the off-season. It can be easy to view the off-season as a time for vacation and leisure. It’s actually a critical period in which smart training can reward you with the highest dividends.

Here are some tips to get through your off-season training:

Goal Setting:

It can be hard to stay motivated during the off-season for many athletes, especially if they don’t have a goal to work toward. While they might have a vague overall goal to “stay in shape”, that’s usually not enough to motivate them on a daily basis. Setting a goal and creating a schedule to accomplish that goal is a fundamental part of off-season training. Unfortunately doing so requires you to take a few things into consideration.

Keep an Eye on Your Nutrition

Your body will only put out what you put into it. For this reason, nutrition is one of the most important aspects of a training program. Whether you’re training during the season or in the off-season, your body needs the right fuel. Your body has a specific caloric need to get the most out of training, and it’s important to pay attention to that part of your plan.

It is important to also focus on hydration and ensuring your body maintains adequate hydration levels to compliment your training goals.

Practice Mobility Work

Generally, there are two types of flexibility. Passive flexibility is something that contortionists and gymnasts focus on. It gives them an extreme range of motion in the joints. In most cases, athletes only need average passive flexibility regardless of the sport that they play.

Other athletes, however, need to focus on enhancing mobility. This is the ability of certain body areas to take the brunt of motion rather than areas of the body that are intended for stability.

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