Performance Testing [Greenwich & Beverly Hills] — High-level competitive athletes as well as lower level serious competitors rely on 3rd-party benchmarks to objectively establish their progress. Our qualified staff of professionals is trained to test athlete suitability. For those serious about sports, we provide the physical barometers with which to measure progress. Whether emerging from the physical rehabilitation course after injury treatment and wanting to check readiness for athletic reentry, or simply an otherwise healthy athlete just wanting to know where they rank, we do the tests and provide the answers.

Sports-Specific Training [Greenwich & Beverly Hills] — Different sports exert differing demands on the physiology. Proper readiness for participation means preparing the body for the stresses and strains of the particular sport. A correct program designed with the specific physical demands of the sport in mind is critical to competitive success. Our certified strength and conditioning specialists are uniquely qualified and experienced to set up and implement sport-specific training programs in every major sport.