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Dr. Colker’s practice specialties include internal medicine, sports medicine, and nutrition. He is licensed in medicine and surgery and on the faculty at Cornell University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital where he is Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in Neurology in New York City.

As one of the preeminent Internists in the region, Dr. Mary Arden-Cordone, MD directs weight loss, metabolism, and women’s health at Peak Wellness. With the unique pedigree of first having been a Registered Nurse, she went on to receive her medical degree in from New York University School of Medicine and completed her residency and fellowship at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University.

Traditional allopathic medicine means medical care from a real, licensed medical professional. There is no escaping the fundamental necessity of mainstream medical care and the lifesaving benefits modern medicine has brought to all our lives. You must have a true traditional medical physician on your side at all times. The key is to have a qualified professional that is both skilled in medicine and knowledgeable, but also open to all effective methods and means outside their classical disease-based training, especially when mainstream medicine isn’t the answer. But never should you stray too far from the essential base of the traditional medical approach.

Waiting to see a medical doctor for something simple or even just getting a doctor on the phone to answer a basic question or get a prescription can be annoying, unbearable at times, or even impossible in some cases.

Primary care is the general day-to-day practice of medicine, and often seen as the first stop when it comes to healthcare. Primary care includes preventive medicine, meaning keeping you up to date on all your screening in an effort to make doctor visits fewer and further between.

Our hormones play a major role in our health and maintaining a youthful feel and look. When hormones are deficient or out of balance, health suffers and the signs of aging rapidly take hold.

Menopause isn’t easy for any woman. The body changes dramatically due to fluctuations in hormones and, along with those changes, a woman’s appearance can also change quite dramatically. In fact, the physical morphing can be so dramatic and so quick to take hold at menopause, that the shock may take a staggering emotional toll. Answers to your questions are challenging to come by. Do you take hormones or not? Sometimes your gynecologist can help, but more often than not, their arsenal and fundament of knowledge of the entire landscape of choices is understandably limited. Working with them, your own primary care doctor, and/or our medical staff, we can provide a complete array of bio-identical options, natural hormone support regimens, and other approaches to alleviate symptoms and help rescue youthfulness from the ravages of age.

Telehealth programs have grown nationwide as physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can visit with patients remotely. Peak Wellness has developed a convenient way for you to connect and access our healthcare professionals using your tablet or mobile phone. This service is available to existing patients and clientele of Peak Wellness and limited to select non-emergent issues and applicable routine follow-up.

The most powerful way we influence our lives on a daily basis is with the nutrients we consume. Each person is unique and faces individual health challenges. So there is a way to eat for each physiology. Structured meal plans sort it out and is it easy to understand and follow.

When you’re finally done wasting precious time on fad diets and want the dramatic and sustainable results of medical weight loss, we have the real medical licensed professionals and experts that will get the most dramatic yet lasting results in the shortest time.

Peak Wellness is a fully-fledged medical practice that offers properly qualified patients access to medical-grade cannabis. The State of Connecticut mandates that only fully registered medical doctors that are properly qualified and registered can evaluate patients and approve them, permitting them access to licensed dispensaries.

Megan Nisenson is our licensed psychotherapist. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Fordham University and master’s degree from Central Connecticut State University. Megan has advanced training and expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). She works with people of all ages from children to adults. With almost a decade of experience in clinical practice, Megan offers individuals, couples, and families the highest level of confidential and personalized care. Her compassionate approach helps you deal with life’s daily challenges, overcome personal stresses, and rise above social strains. While adult individuals thrive under her care, couples also benefit from her help with relational issues, marital conflict, and parenting struggles. Megan’s expertise in Structural Family Therapy allows her to look at a problem systematically creating true change even within families or a marriage in crisis.



Functional medicine focuses on addressing the root cause of an ailment. Treating symptoms may certainly provide relief. But identifying and dealing with the actual source of the problem is what can return the physiology to the pre-morbid state, thereby helping to avoid long-term medications.

We cannot always predict how the body will react to a given food. Most of the time, food is well accepted. But in certain situations, the body will react to the food almost as if it were an infection, an invading foreign body, or something that needs to be fought off.

You wouldn’t be in this section if you could slip easily into that little black dress hanging in the closet, or that favorite button-down you wore a few Springs ago! Nobody wants to feel the dread and panic that comes with the realization that you might have to buy a whole new wardrobe for a body that doesn’t even resemble the real you.

With more than 4000 square feet of surface area, our intestine is the most massive organ in the human body. The reason for the huge surface area is due to the primary digestive and absorptive function. Absorption directly into the bloodstream occurs through a specialized lining forming a tight barrier controlling which substances get absorbed and which are blocked.

You should avoid guessing what your body needs, especially when you can test for this and get a precise indication of what is needed, and what is not.

While almost 90% of Americans admit to taking some form of vitamin supplement, in reality, the vast majority are doing nothing more than guessing at what they need. Countless take multivitamins as an “insurance policy” for their health, incorrectly assuming whatever the body doesn’t need, will always just easily and harmlessly be eliminated.

Where the more traditional medical approach leaves off, naturopathic medicine with a licensed naturopathic doctor, an N.D., utilizes advanced testing to detect more subtle problems that might be missed by the more traditional medicine approach, and then uses natural and alternative curatives to treat the patient.

Longevity medicine is a unique and informal emerging subspecialty of traditional medicine centered on preserving youth and protecting the body from the ravages of aging. While aging cannot be prevented, there is a staggering amount that can be done to stave off the damage of time.

As women, we are presented with a very specific array of health priorities, each of which greatly benefit from an integrative approach. Nurse Georgie combines not only the central elements of traditional medicine, but also the holistic elements of natural medicine.

We are living in a world inundated with chemicals and toxins. It is impossible to completely eliminate exposure. Therefore it is advantageous to bolster our systems with cleanse and detox programs.



The art of sports medicine tends to competitive physical performance and the specific physiologic needs of the athlete as it applies to their sport. This discipline includes performance and functional analysis, physical training and injury rehabilitation, care and optimization of medical issues, and nutrition and diet analysis. At Peak Wellness, sports medicine means getting top physical performance out of the athletes we help.

When the body is injured, physical therapy may be the only answer. Even when severely injured and surgery is needed, qualified physical therapy absolutely must take over thereafter and truly return the patient to full activity.

Dr. DeKens holds a doctorate degree in physical therapy from Dominican College. Whereas so many of today’s physical therapists rely on machines and tricky devices instead of their own hands just to cloak a limited knowledge of anatomy and a lack of the tactile skills needed to repair the body,

Chris is an accomplished physical therapist and exercise physiologist, plus has expertise in diet and nutrition. He was a competitive baseball player in his school days, and now has a penchant for rock climbing.

Dr. Colleen Breslin has been a physical therapist since 2015. She graduated from the Dominican College doctorate program and is NATA-BOC Certified after having attended Quinnipiac University.

High-level competitive athletes as well as lower level serious competitors rely on 3rd-party benchmarks to objectively establish their progress. Our qualified staff of professionals is trained to test athlete suitability.

The techniques of acupuncture and dry needling can be used to treat a number of maladies including but not limited to localized pain and muscle spasms. Though they are similar techniques in that they both utilize the placement of a needle through the skin and into the soft tissues of the body, acupuncture and dry needling differ from each other.

Cupping involves using a series of circular glass cups applied to the skin surface under suction. The negative pressure created in each cup tightens and lifts the skin away from the surface, drawing it into the cup, improving blood flow in that area and reducing pain and inflammation.

EksoNR bionic technology is the world’s most advanced wearable robotic exoskeleton device. EksoNR is powered to enhance the strength, mobility, and endurance of patients with specific physical challenges involving standing, moving, and walking. EksoNR has proven effectiveness in injured soldiers and paraplegics.


The Aesthetic Medicine Division at Peak Wellness offers our clientele a variety of approved and minimally invasive procedures designed to restore and enhance your appearance. Our highly experienced and licensed healthcare practitioners perform these carefully selected and thoroughly vetted techniques, to give you the very best results.

Morpheus8 is a highly advanced subdermal skin tightening and fat remodeling device that fractionally remodels and contours the body and face. Morpheus8 has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than any other micro-needling device.

Morpheus8 is a highly advanced subdermal skin tightening and fat remodeling device that fractionally remodels and contours the body and face. Morpheus8 has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than any other micro-needling device.

Morpheus8 is a highly advanced subdermal skin tightening and fat remodeling device that fractionally remodels and contours the body and face. Morpheus8 has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than any other micro-needling device.

Morpheus8 is a highly advanced subdermal skin tightening and fat remodeling device that fractionally remodels and contours the body and face. Morpheus8 has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than any other micro-needling device. Morpheus8 energy is a scientifically proven method to reduce wrinkles and rebuild collagen while reducing and remodeling fat.

Relax fine lines, restore volume and enhance structure; minimally invasive procedures that are oftentimes suitable alternatives to more invasive and irreversible surgical procedures. If you are thinking facelifts, eye lifts, nose jobs and implants might be a bit much, consider the injectable route.

This technique, perfected by the French, offers gravity defiance and lifts the face back to life without surgery. Spot or globally treat areas weighed down and sagging over time. Popularized on her lifestyle website, French Thread Lifting is Gweynth Paltrow’s not-so-secret secret to a youthful appearance.

Morpheus8 & Empanage represent the elite combination of high-level, fractional radio-frequency (RF) treatments combined with advanced dermal manipulation to emulsify subcutaneous body fat anywhere on the body, all while tightening the skin. Fatty deposits, cellulite, sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, crinkling skin, acne scars, stretch marks, and surgical scars are all fair game.

With over 35 years of experience, Rob Lucas, MPAS, PA-C. Rob is one of the most highly sought-after and experienced minimally invasive cosmetic procedure experts in the country. Working out of Beverly Hills with Dr. Andrew Ordon, the Emmy®-nominated co-host of the award-winning talk show The Doctors, and with him since 1987, he combines the most cutting-edge technologies in aesthetics to create customized, signature treatments.



I.V.’s aren’t just for hospital patients any more. What started filtering out into the mainstream as a performance edge, replenishing high-level long-distance marathon runners and Ironman athletes on the sunny west coast, has literally taken off nationwide from there.

Nurse Jen serves as both Director of the IV Therapy Department and Head Nurse at Peak Wellness. With years of experience working in Emergency Medicine, including Greenwich Hospital’s Emergency Department, Nurse Jen directs and manages a highly skilled crew of experienced nurses, hand-picked by her personally to deliver the very best care to our patients and clients.

Ultra-potent intravenous infusions are performed at Peak Wellness for a myriad of issues. It is widely known and accepted by the global medical community that the intravenous route of administration is the quickest acting, most direct, and highest potency method of introducing medications and substances in a quick and easy way.

Intravenous vitamin C, while largely still theoretical in terms of absolute proof of effective treatment, has still garnered impressive support and widespread use particularly among those that wish to support their immune function.

Intravenous chelation therapy is a method whereby specific substances are introduced into the blood intended to remove excess heavy metals and/or other substances deemed to be potentially harmful from the body.

For your peak sense of wellness, our select blend of key nutrients is designed for a health and energy boost, leaving you ready to conquer the busiest of lifestyles.

We put safety first in our Drip Lounge with the highest Covid19 protocols in place. Including pre-screening, separation of chairs into separate safety zones and sterilization of all equipment.


The restoration of health from illness and the repairing of injuries. We also strive to optimize wellbeing and maximize functionality so our patients fully enjoy the celebration that is life.

Peak Wellness of Greenwich offers advanced diagnostic and treatment care for traditional medical ailments, naturopathic issues, and injury rehabilitation. The qualified staff of licensed professionals includes medical and naturopathic doctors, physical therapists, and nutritional specialists working side-by-side to help you realize your goals.

Our approach is to do whatever is in our power to make you well and, if necessary, using every traditional and/or complementary method at our disposal to help you. When it comes to musculoskeletal injuries, we not only rehabilitate and heal your injuries, but to also take you well beyond just returning you the same state you were before the injury. Rather, we set forth and implement a clear plan whereby we go beyond and actually strengthen and improve your body, drastically reducing the probability of you reinjuring the area. Our approach to your health is clear from beginning to end and comprehensive throughout.


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