Our Functional Medicine Doctor at Peak Wellness, Dr. Gengo is a graduate of University of Bridgeport, College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Gengo has a wealth of traditional and integrative training including having served as Adjunct Professor of Cardiology and Clinical Preceptor in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Cornell Medical College, being a Surgical PA from Cornell University, serving as Chief Cardiothoracic Surgery PA at New York Presbyterian Hospitals, as emergency room PA at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center, as oncology PA at Saint Agnes Hospital, and with advanced training in toxicology and chemistry from Saint John’s University. While Dr. Gengo’s Naturopathic Functional Medicine practice emphasizes the management of a myriad of afflictions including a challenging myriad of chronic diseases, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes, she also specializes in weight loss and nutrition, detoxification, food allergies, leaky gut, SIBO, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel. Dr. Gengo is well versed in all manner of advanced nutritional testing, vitamin and nutraceutical interventions, and specific dietary programs. Dr. Gengo brings the power of years of real hospital and practice experience, performed at the highest level of traditional medicine, but also experience working in the field of integrative medicine. Dr. Gengo has a gentle but powerful holistic approach. These qualities make Dr. Gengo uniquely prepared to help you find your way back to a place of wellness.