HOCATT ™ Ozone Therapy

Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology (also known as “HOCATT”) is the latest in advanced ozone delivery technology, infusing ozone into the HOCATT chamber where it surrounds your body. Ozone has demonstrated an ability to:

  • counter age-related cell degeneration
  • eliminate diseased cells
  • enhance immune activity
  • eradicate pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi)
  • promote healthy circulation

Different from the oxygen we breathe, which contains two atoms of oxygen (O2), ozone is made up of three atoms of oxygen (O3). When people think of ozone they typically think of the atmosphere and the layer high above the earth that protects human beings from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Without this “ozone layer”, our planet would be incompatible with human life. But the life-giving benefits of ozone are not just restricted to our atmosphere. Ozone therapy has been studied extensively and used for over 100 years and shown to actually help over 100 different diseases.